OMAX Model 80X

We have a Model 80X JetMachining Center purchased directly from OMAX Corporation in Kent, WA ( It has a work area of 80 by 160 inches, so it will easily fit a 6’ x 12’ (72” x 144”) plate of material, and cut up to 9″ thick. The pump for the 80X develops 50,000 psi of water pressure for rapid cutting, and we use only new garnet from Barton Mines.

The 80X excels at cutting materials that other processes struggle to command — stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, granite, marble, and glass.

The heart of this machine is something that’s never even seen… it’s software! OMAX has been a leader in the field of software development for waterjet cutting machines, and it shows in the final products. OMAX writes all of it’s software in-house to maximize cutting efficiency and precision! In other words, you get the best parts possible when you hire Triton WaterJet!

We also have an overhead crane and a forklift to move your materials on and off the waterjet table. Give us the job, and we’ll load it!