Need Pricing?

We can supply you with a quote on your project with or without materials, for shipping or will-call. Just provide us with the following information:

  1. A dimensioned drawing of what you want to make
  2. The material you would like to use (for example, stainless steel)
  3. Material thickness
  4. Who supplies material, Triton or you?
  5. If edge quality or tolerances are critical, like for machine parts, let us know
  6. Would you like it delivered (UPS or freight), or pick it up yourself?

Because our waterjet cutting machine works from a computer-generated drawing file, we can return quotes fastest to you if you provide us with a file in one of the following formats:

  1. .dwg file from AutoCAD 2012 or earlier (do not use splines in the drawing, they convert horribly)
  2. .ai file from Adobe Illustrator
  3. .dxf file from various drawing programs

Pieces are cut at a quality of Q=2 (faster, less precise) to Q=5 (slowest, most precise), with 90% of parts cut at Q=3. If you have a preference in cutting quality, let us know. If not, your parts will be quoted for Q=3, unless we have good reason to do otherwise.

Just send the file(s) to us via email at: Please include your contact information with the email message. You can also fax your drawings to 707-226-1052