From Artwork to Industry

Quality Beyond Compare!

Triton WaterJet provides abrasive water jet cutting services for just about any job size or type. From smaller, rush jobs to longer production runs — whether for artwork or aircraft parts — whatever your needs, we work to meet them. And we’re located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, so we’re easy for you to access.

We can cut virtually any material up to 9” thick, even bulletproof glass! Metal, stone, wood, or glass don’t stand a chance against 50,000 psi of water! If you’re unsure of your material, give us a call. Most likely, we can cut it.

You can create just about anything you can imagine — architectural signage, unique lettering, custom stone medallions, machine parts, industrial components, detailed art, intricate floor inlays, countertops, steel flanges, and more. You are unbound by material choices, and geometry is virtually unlimited.

Variety... It's what we do most !!!

If you can draw it
we can cut it.